Saturday, June 13, 2009

Being a weirdo myself, with the prospect ahead of replacing a 12/13/14-year-old Ford Escort Wagon, I'm edging toward the Kia Soul econobox.

Reviewers are saying it averages about 30 mpg in mixed driving, which is better than any of the comparable makes and models.

And it's certainly no uglier and more practical than my second-hand First Car with that deluxe plaid interior. Daddy was co-signer, and thought it was just the thing to teach me not to invest my ego into automobiles.

Mine was that tangerine color, and had a white vinyl roof. My sister said it would have been perfect in lime green.

I guess the lesson took.

UPDATE: I don't like those blind spots in the back corners -- the "D post" as the writers call it.

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