Thursday, May 05, 2005

Possum's Thursday Three:
1. Ms. White, in second grade, for showing me my report card at the end of the year, and saying, "If you work hard, you can do this every year." And I did, except for that interval with young blond Richard, who made Fabio seem a dog. No regrets there. I still graduated 12th in a class of 965.

Ms. Woods, the music teacher in third grade, who cast me as Cinderella against a black prince. I do hope that cute boy fared well.

Ms. Cochran, high school English, who encouraged me to aim high when applying for colleges and wrote recommendations.

Ms. Cochran and I both believe that John Lewis of SMU is the only genius teacher we've ever had.

2. No need to apologize, but I would like to extend greater appreciation to the world geography teacher in high school who had been one of Pan-Am's stewardesses when they still served meals on white tablecloths. She would wear clothes and items of jewelry from all over the world. An odd little thing she was, and I didn't care enough. Come to think of it, Richard was around then.

3. Air-conditioning for one, and color everywhere. Our schools were dismally institutional.

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