Thursday, May 05, 2005

One of the reasons some members of the condo association are on the outs with the president of the board is that she does not question authority.

If her lawyer (and it is hers, by gosh) or contractor, or any other authority tells her something it might as well have come written on a stone tablet.

It's not that she is a particularly bad woman, and she has always seemed nice enough socially, but she is naive, and I think, on the evidence of her quote below, a tad out of touch with reality. But she's a "nice" woman who probably hasn't had a lot of intimate connections with men. Therefore, she does not know the cardinal rule:

Do not believe everything a man tells you.

Less well-behaved girls like me know better.

Which leads us to the Saturday, April 30 story in The Islander, the semi-weekly newpaper of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan:

Russo under investigation by FBI

Steve Russo is mayor of Orange Beach, and investigators are looking at connections between him and developer Larry Wireman, who developed the Caribe Resort (tres chi-chi), and is working on Turquoise Place, which will be contained in two 340-foot towers on the beach. The Alabama Attorney General's office is involved.

Will the investigation bear fruit? I don't know.

Are there underhanded deals when xxx millions are being thrown around? Damn straight, bro, whenever and wherever they happen.

So it would please us if our board members were always heads up on this reconstruction project, and freely kept us informed, which they are not and do not and do not plan to.

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