Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Phase IV - the meeting

It was long.

The lawyer lied at least once that we know of, and the contractor danced around a serious question.

The president was her typical insufferable self. She started the meeting saying, "I think a lot of people here should begin with the attitude of saying 'I'm sorry'."

Then she began a litany of "I'm truly sorries," none of which approached what she should be sorry about.

The first time she spouted "I'm truly sorry," I nearly laughed out loud. The little lady had taken the words right out of my mouth. She makes it too easy.

The board did decide that it would be better if they did not retain the right to make changes to the by-laws without a membership vote. Generous, hunh?

We were only able to elect one new member. He is a good guy and will do as much as he can, but the boy do have a row to hoe with that crowd.

There was nothing wrong with the groundwork and electioneering our outside team did. Something was rotten, though, and I won't go into it here.

Just a note to the nice lady from Indiana. Southerners look down on using a public restroom as a venue for making cell phone calls. Just sayin'.

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