Thursday, September 30, 2004

For the Thursday Three:
1) In 1996, Lyman's parents, his sister and her daughter, and the two of us joined about 20 other people from local churches for a trip to the Holy Land organized by the minister of the First Baptist Church, and conducted by Christian Tours USA.

In the Christian market in old Jerusalem, we bought a woven camel hair "imagination rug" of a Muslim village scene, which was likely made in Egypt. The seller told us to fold it up and keep it in the freezer for three or so days when we got home, to kill any bugs that might be hiding in it.

And so we did. It hangs behind our dining table today.

2) As the World Turns is the first television show I remember. Hard as she worked, my mother would take a break at midday to watch her stories.

3) Let's not talk about surgeries. I'm not that old yet.

I will say I'm mighty disappointed in my family this month. Shoot, my intestines are so tough they decided to go walkies on their own last summer.

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