Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Today is prep day for a trip to Dallas tomorrow. Lyman will stay here with Lucy.

My sister, brother Charles, and I plan to visit the new modern museum in Ft. Worth on Friday, perhaps take a turn through the Kimbell, then meet a couple of aardvarks for dinner downtown.

Saturday, Patricia and I intend to take the light rail (Hey, what is that Taste of Dallas thing?) to downtown Dallas to visit the Nasher and whatever else takes our fancy. We are considering the prepared foods section of Central Market for dinner.

Sunday we will visit the cemetery where our parents are buried, where we'll leave flowers and do a final check of the engraving on the marker. Then perhaps a visit to Patricia's son, who for a month has been nearly incapacitated with a badly broken ankle.

Monday, I'll drive home and immediately start helping Lyman with preparations for the gathering of his fantasy baseball league buddies here on Tuesday to watch the All-Star game.

Looks like fun.

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