Monday, July 12, 2004


Hey again. I took a nap. Patricia rises early. This morning, wake-up time was 4 a.m. We took our coffee outside and watched the day break. I was on the road at 6:30.

Wonderful driving conditions all the way, with very little traffic. Rather than looping down past Alexandria as I usually do, I turned east at Nachitoches and drove through the Kisatchie National Forest. I can't say how many minutes or miles that detour added to the trip, but it was pretty. I never knew Louisiana had so many hills.

The weekend went much as planned, though we never visited the Nasher. My, but it was hot, and our backs and feet reached their limits with the Kimbell and the Modern. While it was a trip for me, it was also Patricia's rest time.

We enjoyed meeting the Aardvarks. They were the first bloggers I have met in person. Because we know quite a bit about one another through our writings, conversation was easy. Something I learned is that the Aardvarks are babies, too. I regret to say that I didn't ask how many Mrs. A came from, but LittleA is the baby of six. I am the baby of seven. What I didn't ask LittleA was if he could shed some light on why the traffic was so thick on I-30 between Dallas and Ft. Worth at 2:00 on Friday.

We didn't go to Central Market. Saturday evening we walked the block from Patricia's place to one of two Italian restaurants for dinner. The food was good and the prices were cheap. We bypassed the Italian ice shop. I don't expect to do that again, if it survives. Business didn't look good for a warm evening. Those Atkins people are going to ruin it for the rest of us.

We also didn't visit Patricia's son. We called, but he suggested that we do it another time. It was our considered opinion that his apartment was probably a pigsty.

Charles hadn't seen Patricia's new house, so we invited him to sup on Sunday on spinach salad with bacon, tomato, and gorgonzola cheese. The salad went over well with the sibs.

I lived with Charles for most of ten years, but locations and circumstances have prevented Patricia and I from enjoying much in the way of sisterly relations over the years. We like time together. She's planning to come here in October for the balloon race.

Now on to tomorrow's party.

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