Friday, May 28, 2004

We took the SUV to the coast. Well, it's owned by the family. Since September I have driven the little '97 Escort wagon that we bought as a second car. Lyman has taken over the Tahoe. He doesn't care for me to drive it anymore because I adjust the seat and mirrors, etc., for comfortable and safe driving.

We stopped on our way in at Mr. Ike Byrd's produce stand in Loxley to order six 50 lb. sacks of new potatoes and three bushels of Silver Queen corn to bring home for family and friends. Fifty pounds of new potatoes cost $8.00. A bushel of corn sells for $13.00. Mr. Byrd was happy to meet Lucy. "We're cousins!" he said. We've been to the stand before, but didn't meet Mr. Ike.

On our way out we picked up our order. The potatoes were dug and the corn picked yesterday morning. While we were there I spotted gorgeous green beans that had been picked yesterday, too. Four messes of those, and the okra looked good enough to pick up a couple of boxes for okra and tomatoes and a fry.

With Lucy's gear we had a full load. (Lyman and I shared a canvas carry-all. Lucy had a small bag, her acrylic travel cage and her playtree.)

That's why we own an SUV.

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