Friday, May 28, 2004

Lucy's pal, Mr. Rushing, delivered to us a bright, white, clean pantry and a well-primed bathroom while we were gone. We figure the pantry was last painted in 1979 when Lyman moved into this house.

This afternoon I am studying the color wheel to decide what color to paint the bathroom walls. The tile is beige and the cabinetry a blue. The paint has to complement the menacing ceramic lizard that Lyman brought from the coast last trip. He will crawl down the wall.

It's a small space with a window at the back of the house far from Lucy. A coat or two of latex shouldn't bother her.

UPDATE: Iced Teal it is.

UPDATE: I complain sometimes about living in a small town -- lack of entertainment, poor grocery choices -- then I receive the bill from Mr. Rushing. In the bathroom, he took down the light fixture that has been up since 1962, repaired some moisture damage in the corner above the shower and prepped the walls for the final coats. In the pantry he repaired the dryer vent, Kilzed all surfaces, painted the walls and ceiling with latex, and painted three large shelf units and one smaller shelf unit with oil. His bill, including supplies, is $275. And we didn't need to supervise the work. In fact, he keeps a house key.

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