Monday, June 08, 2009

If I haven't told you before, I love a good blog brawl.

I agree with Mr. McQuain.

I'd hope my niece never shows up with this guy for dinner. Mr. Whelan didn't do anything illegal, immoral or even unethical -- just what in the South we'd call "tacky," or my mother would call "ugly."

There was nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about Al barfing on that bridesmaid's dress at Zee's wedding, but he still won't be invited to any more of Zee's parties. Poor guy didn't have the charm to carry that off. Few do.

And I'm surprised. The National Review is an institution, and the bloggers there have never before confronted adversaries that way. I'd say Kathryn Jean Lopez has endured some of the most brutal, hateful and hurtful commentary I've ever read. I'm sure it's on her radar, but she goes her merry way, as the other bloggers have.

Mr. Whelan seems to be the kind of lawyer who likes to win, and thinks he's gained a point. But he'll learn, like my husband the lawyer, that winning isn't everything.

UPDATE: Gary Farber has a good rundown of the controversy. While I do not subscribe to some of his language, his links are good.

And yes, I do think that Mr. Whelan sounds like a pompous prick. Do not fail to read Mr. Whelan's posts. "I can, therefore I will."

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