Monday, September 17, 2012

$60 quilt

I try not to brag, but Girls, I found this embroidered quilt yesterday at Walmart for $60, Better Homes & Gardens label.

The shams were $15 apiece, but really, I think it was a steal.

The ensemble fits both the bed and the style of the room perfectly.

I win! Again.

UPDATE: The tapestry above the bed appealed to Lyman's dad for some reason when he was a young soldier in WWII. He toted this one and another of a leopard all over Europe for three years before he was able to bring them home.

Pierrette and Pierrot.


  1. Lyman's dad was my kind of guy! The quilt is pretty, even more so because it was such a bargain.

  2. It's also made in tones of blue, which is even prettier to me, but this color was better for the room.

  3. And let me tell you, Diane, Lyman's dad was every girl's kind of guy when he was a young man. He was movie-star handsome.

    I have a pic of him in uniform in Italy that I've been meaning to scan and post sometime.

    I mean knock-your-socks-off handsome.


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