Sunday, August 19, 2012

No, I have not been moping.

This morning at 8:30 I locked up the birds in their Lexan cages and dragged the wire ones out the door onto the patio for a good wash. Then I put the birds into the wire cages and gave them a good wash with the mister setting on our hose spray.

Left them outside to commune with nature, and came in and moved everything off the enclosed porch that didn't belong there, vacuumed windows, shelves and floors, mopped the floor, and made a bird room.


  1. I can see the birds just loving this room. Poor Charlie looked so very disgusted in that last picture; if he refused to talk to you after that treatment, he should, in fairness, be chattering up a storm in delight after being moved out here!

    I love the visual of the birds getting the "mister" treatment.

  2. I had hesitated to do it before, partly because I was afraid they would feel cut off from the flock out there. Lyman and I spent a lot of time in the home office, and their cages were in the window beside it.

    Now they won't be able to see me when I'm in the office, and I spend a few hours a day here. But now Lucy's eleven and Charles is seven. They should feel secure enough to stay out there.

    They can both watch when I'm in the kitchen or walking through the house. Plus, it's very easy to wheel them out onto the patio every morning for a good dose of sunshine, weather permitting.

    Sunshine or full-spectrum lighting is essential for the production of calcium. Lucy feels stronger already.


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