Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rockin' steady, baby.

Lyman's brother was waiting at the door to ICU when I arrived at 5 pm. He hasn't seen him since he's been sick. He was shocked and frightened and nearly frantic to do anything to help him. Lyman does look like the last survivor of a famine.

He calmed down after he spoke to Lyman's sister's husband. The husband is a veterinarian and understands medicine.

Lyman has a low potassium level that they're trying to correct, which undermines his muscle functions in his heart and lungs. A cardiologist/nephrologist has been called in to consult.

His gut and the colostomy are working. If they can get his nutrition level up, I think it will help. He's receiving nutrition through a thin nasogastric tube.

Lyman's been trying to tell me something for two days. With the ventilator, I can't make it out. He's gonna give me an earful when he can speak.

He's been in the hospital nearly two weeks.


  1. Still praying for you all. The instinct is to offer to do anything, a futile offer with the distance. Thankfully, prayers know no boundaries.

    Wonder what Lyman will say when he hears his brother was reassured about his condition by a vet, LOL.

  2. Not a thing about the vet. Robert is the most lovable person in the family, including us.

    We're accepting all the prayers and good wishes the world has to offer. Thank you, Diane.

  3. harsh. when you see this kind of thing, you wonder of god. when i entered the ICU...nurse said "they all come back."


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