Saturday, July 07, 2012

I have to say that the surgeon is a top-notch guy -- great bedside manner, highly respected locally, very acute. And handsome.

He removed a tumor that he thinks is cancerous from Lyman's lower colon. He didn't see any other traces of cancer and removed all of that one.

Lyman will have a colostomy for several months, but otherwise he is doing well, they say.

Surgery was Thursday, and he's still in ICU. He wasn't able to take in much nutrition during the past few weeks. We'll have a haul ahead of us.

 Thanks for the good wishes. Don't put off your colonoscopies.


  1. Anonymous1:35 AM

    I am commenting from Lyman's computer.

  2. Oh Janis. I will continue to pray, particularly for patience. So much of this is wait-to-recover or wait-and-see.


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