Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yeah, we went to beautiful Orange Beach a couple of days. No pictures. It looks the same.

We did have a spectacular lightning storm Monday night with great glaring bolts blazing down the sky while we were tucked into Grazie restaurant eating fried calamari and spinach salad.

A short bombshell of a bleached blond was seated in a window booth while we were there. She had a tiny little waist with flaring hips and double D's crammed into a low cut bright pink spandex sheath. She spent the first few minutes at the table settling her boobs to their best advantage. Must be new.

'Twould have been a miracle of nature to have grown those on that little frame. Girl gave Dolly Parton competition.

No, I didn't have a camera.

Lyman said later, "That girl looked like trouble with a capital T. She'll cost a man more than a little piece of his heart."

(I'm not a particularly censorious type. It was fussing about the decolletage that caught my eye. That, and I do like to sleep on my stomach sometimes.)

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