Friday, May 08, 2009

Well, maybe Nancy's find wasn't such a good one after all. I still thank her profusely for the effort.

Trim India is an exporter. The minimum order I can make is 96.xx yards, and I must pay shipping from India. I could trim every pillow in the complex with that amount of fringe, and send some to all my readers for yours, too.

So, on my first day at home, a lazy one, I looked all over the Internets for proper wooden beads and shells. Let me tell you, hons, there are bazillions of both out there.

Then yesterday I visited our local craft store, which doesn't have the right beads, but had plenty that I could finger to determine the sizes I need. 6mm on the blues, and 4mm for the plains.

The shells are small Ark seashells, about 1/2 inch. Those are usually sold in bulk by weight or volume.

Might as well order.

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