Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Since Charles had a favorite lady visitor from Baton Rouge today (the pretty mother of his godchildren), the Major Dude and I split for Vicksburg to visit the battlefield park.

For nearly 15 years I've lived in the Natchez area, just a little more than an hour from Vicksburg, and have never visited the site. What a beautiful, peaceful and sobering experience.

My brother is a history buff and called it one of the experiences of a lifetime. The boy just don't make it down south too often.

For dinner, we had steaks at Crechale's. Reviewer Curtis Smith here is obviously an undiscerning dumbbunny.

Anybody who can't appreciate a jukebox with Ray Price, Gene Autry, Pete Fountain and Artie Shaw best stick to McDonald's.

Oh, and Floyd Cramer's "Last Date," just one of the greatest songs ever.


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