Sunday, June 03, 2007

M. has built the furniture for the guest room. I am finishing it with Minwax Tung Oil Finish which, according to research, proves to have no tung oil in it. It just looks like a tung oil finish, which is fine by me. Woodworkers call it a "wipe-on varnish." It's supposedly stronger than tung oil alone.

M. can do more detailed work than this, but I was aiming toward the 30's or 40's furniture that I remember from the room I rented in college.

I am developing an affection for the little table that is top-side down. Look at those two back legs. Their "feet" point in the same direction. On it's legs it looks like it might like to take a walk.

"Look at this, Janis. I made a mistake."

"Let's call it a conversation piece."

These pieces will live with two of these lamps, this hanging, this lamp (thanks again, Sarah), and this chest.

The side tables have one drawer apiece. Knobs or pulls?

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