Friday, March 30, 2007

I like that set-up.

I took a king-sized comforter to the washateria up on the highway where they also have a car wash.

It's not the Bar of Soap, but it will do.

UPDATE: I positively hate laundromats. But it's worth my time to save $10 to $15 on cleaning a comforter and getting it really clean. The last time I sent it to a cleaners, the cost was $20 and I wasn't satisfied.

This laundry had the normal allotment of little wild Indians running around trying to crack their noggins on the vinyl-tiled concrete floor. So it was a relief to spend some time vacuuming the car and washing the top coat of grime off. It needs more work, but I have a start.

Michael has been using this car, taking it to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I noticed yesterday that someone seems to have taken a crowbar to the post at the edge of the windshield. Did they plan to take the windshield? I can't imagine what else they'd want to steal from a ten-year-old Escort wagon. If it was something else, why not go through the side glass like the other vandals? And the car is seldom locked.

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