Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh, all right, already!

I replaced the bulb in my bedside table lamp with a compact fluorescent bulb equal to a 100 watt incandescent. I read in bed. In fact, the beds are the only comfortable places in the house to read.

The color of light is just fine under the linen shade. That bulb is a Powerhouse soft white. As lights in this house go, it is the most used apart from the office lights (fluorescent tubes) and recessed cans in the kitchen. There are CF can lights available. We're contemplating how to use those.

There are three-way CFs. I can use one of those in the "Lucy lamp." As the incandescents go out in the guest rooms, we'll replace those with CFs.

Bathroom lights here are not used much, and I'm keeping incandescents in those. That's where I apply make-up when I wear it. I might share Al's name, but I don't want to share his colors.

UPDATE: What we don't have here is a facility to deal with the mercury content of these bulbs when it comes time for disposal.

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