Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lyman buys groceries. I buy cleaning supplies.

For bathrooms and some other purposes, I use Mr. Clean Anti-bacterial Multi-Purpose Cleaner. It doesn't bother the birds (though I don't use it on their things) and has a light, pleasant scent. I use the blue "Invigorating Breeze" formula, which isn't too sweet or fruity.

When I last ran out, Lyman offered to replace it. He came home with Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Cleaner, blue formula.

I opened that today to work on our office. I can't use it. A billowing cloud of noxious sweetness rose from the bucket. I can't bear it, and fear for the birds.

Maybe it can be used outside. It seems to clean well enough, if you can stand the smell.

I gave up using Joy dish liquid because I couldn't stand the new smell. Does someone know what the formulators have done to create these new, cloying odors?

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