Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Part of good citizenship is giving thanks and praise where it is due.

Today, I'll send both to two companies who have lived up to their guarantees.

We use this Bunn coffeemaker. It does not make gourmet coffee, but it serves fine in this household.

When the maker began to dribble, Lyman tried cleaning it. He couldn't even get a little stem used for cleaning into the workings. He called the company, and the woman at the desk told him something was wrong. She said she'd send a new pot in the box, and we could pack up the defective one and send it back, with a prepaid return label.

They were efficient and friendly. And we had a new pot in good time, considering it had to be rafted down the Mississippi. (Turnaround was four days.)

We also have some Calphalon cookware.

We bought a Commercial Nonstick set several years ago -- just after we finished remodeling the kitchen. The lining of a 2-1/2 quart saucepan bubbled from the bottom from the very first use. We continued to use it until the lining started coming off in strips a few months ago. They have a lifetime guarantee.

The woman at the desk told us to pack off the pot to them and send a note explaining the problem.

When we came home from the coast a spanking new Calphalon One pot was waiting for us.

It did cost the shipping out, but they didn't ask for proof of purchase, or otherwise hassle us.

So thanks, y'all.

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