Thursday, April 20, 2006

The president's resignation leaves the vice-president and an elderly gentleman from the past board.

Mr. C is essentially dead weight as a member. I think he likes to come to the meetings to hug all the girls. He's a handsome old widower rogue who doesn't wish to resign even though he's battling cancer. His term is up next year.

The vice-president is one of the triumvirate of women who ran the board as an exclusive garden club. During the aftermath of the storm she oversaw pool rebuilding.

She has overseen the building of a pool that has to be approached across the grass. There is no sidewalk to the pool. Ahem.

Then there is half the timber in Alabama used to construct fancy boardwalks and "dune walkovers" where there are no sand dunes, all of which will be washed away in the next tropical storm. I give them two years at the outside.

But she is a long-time owner and has something of a reputation for answering questions.

We'll see.

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