Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nothing much to see here. The hired troupe came and blew off all porches, patios, roof and sidewalks, vacuumed all the leaves off the yard, mowed and edged for $80 -- a bargain at twice the price. The yard is set for spring.

Lucy has not laid an egg for 15 days. She is still sitting a wooden egg. How she'll know when to stop is a good question.

I discovered British author Dorothy Simpson at the library this week. She wrote police procedurals. I find her engaging.

And we've decided to try Jim Smith's cauliflower recipe this evening.

UPDATE: And I have been cleaning the exteriors of the lower cabinets in the kitchen. Yechhh!

How long have I been away? Oh, I haven't, have I ?

UPDATE II: Just a note. The troupe I mentioned is David Jenkins and his crew. David and Michael went to school together. There were two that day, and they have high-powered equipment.

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