Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I just don't know anymore!

Lucy still had the one real egg in the big cage. At about 7 this evening she finally decided to mosey on down and sit on it. (Gracie the Falcon she ain't.)

At 7:40 Charlie was both tired (I was up at 7 this morning) and ready to stand guard.

When I put Charlie in the big cage, Lucy went after him like ... like an aggressive hormonal female Eclectus can. I was afraid she would hurt him. So I whacked at the cage to get her attention and separated them. She bit me hard.

So her hateful little red butt is spending the night in the travel cage with her precious egg. I thought that better than putting Charlie in the smaller cage. Left in the larger cage, Lucy might just claim a larger nest area.

You got to watch those redheads. They can be right mean.

And she ain't sittin' on no egg, neither.

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