Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good grief, IMDb is the Earth's biggest movie database if it includes this movie.

It was a tiny little movie, done as a sort of resume piece by the director, Mike McWillie. I was doing some junior college theater at the time. I didn't remember its name.

I also worked on sound or something else.

Yeesh, what else will come out of my past onto Google?

UPDATE: And I have been blogging under a pseudonym -- my married name, Janis Gore. The name my parents gave me is Janis Davenport.

Someone is looking for me. And that's okay.

UPDATE: I wonder if Jim Beaver put my name out there. He's a film history buff, and likes a complete record.

Several years after we split, he married Cecily Adams, Don Adams' daughter. She died of lung cancer in March of 2004, leaving behind James and a daughter, Madeline Rose, who is about 5 now.

Past differences do not preclude great sympathy.

I 'spect a little girl was never loved more.

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