Friday, January 13, 2006

I watch little TV. (I make an effort to watch Monk.) I see few films. I read for entertainment.

Books don't hold me to a specific time or location.

Of the dozens of books I've read in the past months, Scratch by Troon McAllister was the most entertaining.

AcAllister sends up poker players, advertisers, marketeers, reporters, the FBI, terrorist hype, golfers, lawyers, and courtrooms and any other specimen he deigns to address.

What I know about golf wouldn't make a weak tea, and I don't play, but I do respond to satire. My housemates were a little disturbed to hear me laughing aloud to myself so often.

Eddie Caminetti is presently my favorite character in popular fiction. Who else is a moral hustler?

I've read The Green. Now I need to find The Foursome.

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