Thursday, January 05, 2006

I do know there are a lot of I's in this blog. But usually they are pointers to something seen or heard elsewhere. Merely an introduction to another topic.

But now I need to talk about me. My two diagnoses in the 60's and 70's yielded no information about what I should do.

I've never known I was at risk. I thought I had my small defects, and that was what it was, and it was over. I forgot that I am a genetic mutant. A little odd, but that was that.

But things fall into place. I've never told a doctor I had Fong's disease, so I've always been given antibiotics for protein in my urine.

When I had surgery for the hernia, my surgeon said my connective tissue was weak.

So now I think I should get a urine test, and analysis, and look after myself in a way I haven't before.

I know who I am. But I'm not quite sure what I am.

UPDATE: I've set up a consultation with my GP for next Wednesday.

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