Monday, April 18, 2005

So, Lyman's dad shows up at one o'clock yesterday afternoon and says, "I have a job for you."

Lyman said, "I have a job."

Dad says, "You don't have this one yet."

Lyman says, "OK, what is it?"

Dad says, "Herbert's in the hospital, and people will be taking food to his house this afternoon at about 5. I thought you could smoke a ham for me to take."

"Daddy, I can't smoke a ham in that time. I can bake one. Do you have the ham?"

"No, you can pick one out better than I can. I'll pay for it. What will you need, $20?"

"Do you want a whole ham, or half?"

"A whole one."

"That might make a good down payment. There aren't many hams around at this time of the year."

So Lyman went to the local market and found a whole ham, 18-1/2 pounds, for $50, brought it home and baked it, with mustard, honey and black pepper.

The family liked it.

Big Daddy nearly dropped in his tracks. 50 dollars!?

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