Friday, April 08, 2005

Lucy has come up with what she thinks is a cute new trick.

When she wakes up and gets tired of being alone in the morning, she knocks her beak against her cage walls in perfect imitation of someone knocking on the door. Once or twice I have come running.

It worked well while workers were on and off the lot working on the greenhouse. Not so well now that it's about done.

Lyman and I took a walkthrough of the greenhouse yesterday. It has a heater and a fan and a mister and a sink and a couple grands' worth of hydroponic equipment that hasn't been hooked up yet. 16' x 24'. I've lived in less luxurious apartments. All three of my cars cost less. Added together.

"Lyman, this is the perfect place for you and Lucy to stay while I do spring cleaning."

He laughed. Not such a good idea, Daddy-O.

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