Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Here's Chris of the Big Yellow House on the sacrifices mothers make for children.

She might shed light on events this evening. Lyman's dad and mother dropped by (without calling, of course). Lyman's mother was carrying a shoebox of old pictures of and for Lyman. Luckily, she only wears a five, so it was a small box.

Many of the pictures in the box were of Lyman's birthday parties as a baby. His mother said that Lyman would often wake up in the morning saying it was his birthday. Mama would then run to the store and buy a cake mix and ice cream whether it was his birthday or not, and have a little party in the afternoon for friends.

My mother would have plainly explained that it wasn't and gone on with her day.

But, to this day, my mother-in-law is a fan of a piece of cake. Do you think?

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