Saturday, March 05, 2005

I guess that's settled, then.

When we chose Lucy as a first bird, it was after a lot of Internet research comparing sizes, dispositions, noise levels, cage requirements, intelligence and beauty. We spent some days going back and forth between the African Grey and the Eclectus.

Since we were inexperienced, we finally chose Eclectus because one is more a "family" bird, bonding to more than one person, and three of the four greys we saw were feather-pluckers.

Many experts say birds will be happier if there are two in a home, not necessarily of the same species.

We cooked dinner for Lyman's mother and father last night. It was her 85th birthday. Lucy has a way of interjecting herself into conversation. Talk progressed to birds, then to greys.

Lyman's mother said she wishes we would get a grey. Before she dies. Lyman has wanted one for months.

So there you are.

We need to finish setting up the greenhouse and putting the yard in order. We need to straighten things up at the coast, and get back on track there, which doesn't seem to be happening sooner than mid- to end-summer.

Then we'll get a baby grey. New cages. New routines. A new toddler in the house. If we're going to have one for the rest of our lives, might as well have two.

Now, Debra and Craig, do we need a boy or a girl?

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