Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lucy had a terrible day.

We asked a team to come in today to straighten up the yard. Look, I've done this before, and these guys can do in an hour and a half what it would take me three weeks to do. They blew the oak leaves off the roof, drive, patio and sidewalks, vacuumed the leaves and acorns off this acre yard, edged and cut the grass. 65 bucks.

When I did it, my neck popped like a wrestler's. I was dressing to go to one of Lyman's relative's funerals, put a necklace on and looked in the mirror. Ahem. No go.

Lucy is terrified of blowers to the point of being uncontrollable. Her hiding place of choice is the corner under the office counter, behind Lyman's computer tower. Many wires.

Bad day. She's well, but exhausted.

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