Monday, February 28, 2005

Another of my husband's delicious qualities is the timbre and accent of his voice. His is a deep southern voice that makes women, especially northern women, melt.

When he was arranging our stainless steel kitchen countertops from Stainless Steel Kitchens in Elkhart, Indiana, the girl at the desk would call others to the phone.

When I spoke to her, clearing all our chits for our order, she said, "We're going to miss him."

We're in a different project now -- a little exercise of democracy in a condo association at the coast. Women are calling him all the time.

A little 79-odd woman called him the other day, without any particular message. I think she wanted to hear his voice.

Fritz Schranck called here the day the hurricane hit. He has a fine voice, too.

I posit that there are attorneys and lawyers, then there are counselors at law.

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