Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Smiley Anders in the Baton Rouge Advocate has a quick story today of how reporters can get into trouble:

Joe F. Cannon says our recent discussion of newspaper bloopers reminds him of his reporting days in Tulsa, Okla.:

"One of my regular assignments was to cover the state fair.

"The state fair manager and I did not get along, but I dutifully went to cover the opening.

"The photographer took a picture of the fair manager in his big cowboy hat, standing beside the large rear end of a horse.

"In my caption, knowing that the city desk would edit it out, I wrote, 'Mr. Smith, on the left...'

"Well, it got into the paper that way -- and became humorous several years later."

(So tell us, Joe, what was your next job...?)

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