Monday, January 03, 2005

A little note for Terry here.

Gone South is a tiny blog. I do have a Technorati profile, which generally runs about 50 references. I don't want more. This is an online writing and community endeavor. I like being able to talk about things and make friends, make a point when I can, and keep a finger on the pulse of a new journalistic trend. Yes, chilluns, I am a journalism graduate from SMU in 1988, after a 2-1/2 year career as a biology major at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, exhausted in 1977.

Blogs are a'comin', as shown by Jeff Jarvis here.

When Michael came into town on Dec 22, he went to a local watering hole in Natchez -- Andrew's. It's a good little bar, and if you ever visit, stop in, if for nothing more than a tonic and lime. Lyman and I haven't been there in something like four years.

A woman he met there, an '81 high school grad, reads this blog.

"She has a bird named Lucy, right?"

Your lack of attention, if it exists, will be short-lived.

And come on out of the woodwork, lurker. Say "hey."

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