Wednesday, September 08, 2004

She chased me!

Lucy likes to spend time with us in the kitchen. Cleaning out the dishwasher is one of her chores. She loves the flash and glint of glass and flatware and all those mysterious cabinets and drawers. We usually clear off the island so she has a safe platform to watch what is going on around her. (For a well-bred southern girl, she has an unseemly fascination with the trash drawer at the end of it.)

Tonight, she was on my shoulder helping wash pots and pans. I took a turn, and she either lost her footing or flew down intentionally. She also loves the kitchen floor. All those little toe spaces and corners are too intriguing, and probably the least sanitary spaces in the house. A carpet in front of the sink and one in front of the stove, put there to ease feet and legs on our concrete foundation, don't get cleaned often enough. She knows I don't like her down there, and will fight rather than step up.

Having tussled with her before, I decided to leave her there, and pick her up when she became bored. I was continuing with chores when the little snot lunged at my thonged feet!

Lucy is not a large bird, but her beak can pulverize a crab claw. I moved away until she could occupy herself. When I returned, she lunged again. And again. My beautiful little bird chased me out of the kitchen so she could satisfy her curiosity.

"Fine," I said. "I'm going back to the office."

After poking around a while, she came waddling back the forty feet to my chair and stepped up pretty as you please.

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