Sunday, September 05, 2004

Rather than get all flustered by Zell Miller's speech, why don't the Democrats use to advantage their built-in counter, John Edwards?

He has the accent, he's younger, better looking, and a successful trial lawyer. Who better to cast oil upon the seething waters and bring voters to sweet reason?

Taking a phrase from the cited article by Harold Meyerson, he could say this:
We Democrats need not resort (strike that) descend to malice or mendacity (great southern phrase, that) in this great contest.

Indeed, we seek to mend what is torn, to heal what is wounded and soothe what is sore in our republic.

Our president on Thursday referred to Ecclesiastes 3:1. Yes, to everything there is a season. We have had a long season of great upheaval, death and trauma. Currently, we are in a season of trial and disappointment.

John Kerry can bring a new season to this country. He will ...
Sure, it needs work. It's a lot better than "He hit me!"

Mickey Kaus said at the outset of this campaign that the Democrats could win by thanking the current administration for their efforts during a traumatic time for the country and offering a perspective from outside the eye of the hurricane.

They're not doing a good job of it.

UPDATE: Is John Edwards, like, a token southerner in that campaign?

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