Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Lyman's computer is connected to NBC 15 Mobile.

They just showed a brief interview at a high-school shelter with a woman pregnant with twins who is feeling contractions. The contractions are not regular yet. There is a paramedic available.


1:50 Tornado warnings in Gulf Breeze heading to Orange Beach. They think they've pinpointed a tornado just south of the Flora Bama. Nope, just a possible. Warnings expire at 2:30.

That cell skipped over to the water park and is heading northwest. That warning has expired now.

2:58 Sustained winds of 40 mph with gusts up to 65 mph in Gulf Shores. (I'm hearing more that makes me think these are too high.) Tornado warnings in Santa Rosa and Escambia County.

Locally, Lyman says Hwy 84, which is our main street, is streaming with cars coming from 61N out of Baton Rouge. We are here. A Louisiana state map here.

5:00 In Gulf Shores, West Beach Blvd. is washed out. Conditions deteriorating rapidly. Some building awnings being torn off. 15 to 20 foot waves. Waves washing under Fat Tuesday's. Boathouses at Orange Beach are starting to blow apart.

5:28 Two killed in a tornado in Panama City, FL.

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