Thursday, September 09, 2004

For the Thursday Three the topic is toys:
1) When I was two, I ran from behind an ice cream truck and was hit by a car. My aunt Evelyn brought a little pink and yellow stuffed dog to the hospital. That is in the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers in the guest room.

2) I didn't have a favorite toy, but I spent hours over jigsaw puzzles as a child. Once, when we didn't have a new one, I flipped all the pieces on an old one and worked it by shape alone. Why don't I have one in the house right now?

3) I craved a Tiny Thumbelina so much when I was about five that I dreamed one night that I reached into the TV and brought one out. Never got the Thumbelina, but I can reach right through this screen to talk to you. Amazing.
UPDATE: Another toy I liked as a child was the little plastic car that you wound up with a rubber band and crashed into pieces against the wall. Wonder where that came from?

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