Thursday, September 16, 2004

Continuing from below.

From the forum regarding the ABC video:
Just saw it. East from 161 intersection across Perdido Pass Bridge. Most structures have damage. Many have significant damage. Many roofs fom houses and low-rise condo's gone. Upper floors of wooden construction condo's gone. Most roofs whose structure survived are missing shingles/tin/tiles and underlayment leaving interiors exposed to elements. Most high rise concrete construction condos have survived with not too massive damage. The beach road east past Ono Island bridge intersection appears to be impassable due to the road being washed away, palm trees, sand and debris in road. Some boats washed ashore. Boats in dry storage at Zeke's (or nearby) mostly in place, but the dry storage bldg's siding was peeled away from around them. Could not tell from video what the high water mark was.

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