Saturday, August 14, 2004

Well. I think the scandal surrounding Governor Jim McGreevey of New Jersey is evidence of either a worldwide Zionist conspiracy or exceedingly bad judgment in pissy queens. We'll see.

UPDATE: Seriously, more facts need to come out before many judgments are made. Gay activists might like to reserve some of their energies recently spent lauding Gov. McGreevey's "coming out" for condemning him if Cipel's allegations are true.

I doubt that lawyer Lovy's assertions that Cipel is heterosexual will prove true. In any case, you could have a powerful governor threatening Cipel's jobs if he doesn't perform according to the gov's desires, and that is ugly stuff in any sexual context.

Yes, there's the argument that Cipel might have obtained a job outside the realm of the governor's patronage to get out from under his thumb. That still wouldn't make harassment charges less true.

Just keep a little powder dry, I say. Homosexuals have a right to say "no", too. Don't they?

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