Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Peg Britton in Ellsworth, Kansas, is looking for a drum shade for a lamp. If you have any suggestions pop over to her site where her e-mail is posted and let her have them or leave them in comments here. I can tell her that the discount stores, including Target, will not have them. They are not the style now. Perhaps shops that specialize in retro styles would be helpful. Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore had drum shades on their lamps, if I remember correctly.

I can be of no help today. My project this day is to blanch, cut off and freeze a bushel of corn. Big Daddy delivered it yesterday afternoon. He doesn't care if he ever eats the corn, but it offends his senses of economy and tradition if none of the women in the family puts it up for winter.

Girl can't do it because of arthritis, and wouldn't if she could. She decided a long time ago that she didn't have to do the things her mother did. Lyman's sister won't because she is a queen. Lyman's brother's wife? Nah, she is not much of a hand in the kitchen and says so herself. That leaves me. I won't regret it in January.

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