Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Oh, shoot, why not admit it all?

If I have told about my neglected iron, and the Redneck Outfitters t-shirt, I might as well tell you how thrilled I was to run across a "3 for $10" deal at the Super 10 yesterday.

In the summer, I like to wear long, loose sleeveless shifts rather than shorts, unless I'm on my knees in the yard. They're cooler and less ... confining.

I drove up to the store in hopes of finding an inexpensive but decent frame to replace the one I knocked off the wall while I was working in the pantry. On a rack in front of the store, there they were, 3 shifts for $10. I bought every one in my size -- small, if you please -- which came to three. I am delighted!

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