Monday, March 08, 2004

David Moon was everything I could have wanted in a teacher: cordial, handsome (my, was he handsome), patient, smart, kind, and able. Able. He skied backwards a lot today. He is a married man and proud father of a three-year-old baby girl.

I am not a natural at this sport. I'm not sure that I'll get off the baby slopes this trip. I need balance and relaxation on skis. Both will take practice.

The snow is yucky. It's warm enough in the afternoon to melt the top layer into slush, which freezes overnight to make ice. The place is slick as glass and no place for a beginner like me. I was burning up in my clothes today.

The people here are warm and friendly. Everyone is concerned that visitors to the town have a good time. Genuine smiles everywhere.

Many, many children come here, and the little buggers are keen on the slopes. When I was holding on to David, little boys and girls were confidently bypassing me on every side, and I mean six-year-olds.

Tonight I am whipped. Maybe Nate can tell me how much the boots and skis for a 116 pound woman weigh. I'm guessing about a third of my weight. Believe me, wearing that stuff around all day is tiring. I should have stood for two morning lessons separated by a day or two. I was out from 9 until three, and that was a bit much for this Louisiana girl.

Lucy seems to be doing well with Debra and Craig Johnson at J-Birds. Craig will post when he can.

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