Thursday, January 08, 2004

I think we might manage a meeting of minds here.

I guess it's no secret how much I admire Mr. Fritz Schranck of Delaware -- devoted husband and father and a profoundly sober man who loves to have fun. We have been carrying on clandestine communications about crawfish pies.

In the course of our e-mails, he asked about Lucy's reaction to the LSU win the other day. Mr. Schranck, she slept through it.

I attribute that to her coloring. Yes, those are Ole Miss's colors, all right. I think she felt it necessary to retire after Ole Miss's last loss of the season.

Now, Mr. Jim Smith is an Ole Miss alumnus who was gracious enough to support LSU in this last game. He is a great fan of Lucy. (And yes, sir, I do have another picture for you, but my technical department -- Lyman -- has run into a glitch).

It is well known that Ole Miss is having some mascot problems. Mr. Smith and I both think that Lucy would fit the bill. We also think it unlikely that an SEC team would allow itself to be known as the Ole Miss Eclectus. (Late games would be an issue, too. Lucy likes to go to bed at 9:30.)

Mr. Schranck, as a fan of the Blue Hens, how would you weigh in on this issue?

(Mr. Schranck's response is here.)

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