Saturday, January 10, 2004

The holidays are past. College football is over and gone. What does a shiftless Louisiana girl turn her mind to? Why, planning a party, of course!

January 13 will mark our 10th wedding anniversary. It has been our habit these years past to invite friends to celebrate our marriage, in the spirit of thanking them for being allies and supporters. It also presents an opportunity for a group of people who like each other, but don't see each other much, to get together. This year the event is scheduled for Valentine's Day.

Since it is a middle-aged crowd, it has been some years since we invited the boys, but this year is different. At Christmas I welcomed them to come and bring a lady friend. I suspect Jason will bring Nicole. According to my mother-in-law, we might be seeing a lot of Nicole. As in, for the rest of our lives. Which suits me fine. As for Michael, I don't know. He was burned badly by a pretty Dallas girl a year or so ago and hasn't shown a marked interest in anyone since. One of the good things about these boys is that they are not fickle with women. In the ten years I've known them they've had two girlfriends apiece.

At any rate, we are working on invitations, the menu and party favors for the ladies. It's always such a good time, even if we work ourselves to death.

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